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Glorious Journey

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Deepika Kale

Dr. Shamla Mantri was one of my professors who is always passionate about her students’ success. Ma’am showed me that success comes through hard work and confidence—it doesn't come easy and she is the one who advised me that, "Few things in life ought to be taken with absolute seriousness. Education is one of them. If you pursue knowledge, you pursue a future; there is nothing more honorable than that." I idolize how dedicated she is and how she always manages to find time to bond with each one of her students semester after semester.

Vighnesh Charan

Dr.shamla Mantri has not only been my faculty but a mentor in my engineering life. Having a curiosity towards research, she invoked the interest in me to publish more research works. She is not only an academician but a person who converts our mistakes into lesson our pressure into productivity our skills into strengths and
nourishes her students with the essential soft skills required in their career.


Sharwin Bobde

Dr. Shamla Mantri provided me with the opportunity to develop my interest in research. Her guidance and trust acts as a foundation in my professional life. Under her guidance I authored research papers, and a patent and undertook challenging engineering tasks. All of this helped me gain access to a world renowned research community in the Netherlands for my Masters.

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